HUDWAY Cast | The 1st HUD device to be used with any navigation app


A high-end HUD feel

HUDWAY Cast brings directions in your line of sight. Its transparent lens focuses the virtual image about 9 feet in front of you — and you’re viewing it enlarged and floating above your car hood. Readjusting your eyes from the road to the projection feels comfortable and natural — and you never need to look down to check your directions again.


Perfectly visible day and night

A display 20 times brighter than a smartphone screen gives an excellent full–color projection even on a sunny day — on a completely transparent lens. The display brightens and dims automatically, and the projection quality does not depend on how bright your smartphone screen is.

Easy to install

Just affix it to the dashboard and plug in the cigarette lighter socket or the OBD–II port* of your vehicle — and then connect to your smartphone with a few quick taps. That’s it!

Take it off the mount and put to a gloves compartment when you’re leaving the car.

*OBD-II cable is available for purchase as an add‑on

Any smartphone, any app

HUDWAY Cast wirelessly connects to any smartphone that supports Miracast or Airplay — and that means virtually all modern smartphones. Or, you can use the enclosed USB cable to establish a wired connection and charge your smartphone through HUDWAY Cast.

Then launch a navigation app on your smartphone, select to stream it to HUDWAY Cast — et voilà — enjoy driving with your directions projected in your line of sight. Waze, Google Maps, Sygic, HUDWAY, Baidu, HERE — yes to all these navigation apps and more!

For any vehicle and driving professional

As HUDWAY Cast supports streaming any navigation app, it will be helpful for those who spends hours behind the wheel every day — truck drivers, taxi drivers, public transportation drivers, rally pilots, etc.

Quickly set it up — and you’re ready to go!