HUDWAY Cast — The 1st Head-Up Display Allows Using Any Navigation Apps
Keep your eyes on the road
Keep your eyes on the road

Ships in May 2018

30% of all U.S. drivers read or send texts or emails while driving

When traveling at 65 mph, if you look at your GPS for 2 seconds to check where you are on the map, you’ll have driven 2/3 the length of a football field before you see the road again.
Answering a text takes away your attention for about 5 seconds. At just 55 mph, that's enough time to travel the whole football field blind.

Meet HUDWAY Cast

— A head-up display device that offers a safer way to access most needed smartphone functions while behind the wheel.

The idea of head-up display devices is to show some navigation-critical information in driver’s regular line of sight, so that they won’t need to take their eyes off the road.

HUDWAY Cast sits on the dashboard and wirelessly streams your smartphone screen to a reflector lens positioned right in front of you.

Lightweight transparent lens that
doesn’t block the actual road
The information is right in front of your eyes
Screen image is streamed wirelessly
(AirPlay and Miracast)
The phone is securely mounted
within your reach

Basically, it operates an as external display for your smartphone, taking the screen image to where you can quickly grasp it without looking away.

It can be wirelessly paired with any smartphone that supports Miracast or Airplay — and that means virtually all modern smartphones.

Use your favorite navigation apps

Use HUDWAY Cast to drive with Waze, Google Maps, HERE Maps, Apple Maps — or whichever navigation app you prefer. We just recommend that you switch the app to night mode for less cluttered image.

Google Maps
and more

Excellent brightness and contrast all day round

HUDWAY Cast features a TFT display which is 20 times brighter than a smartphone screen. This means you will see the image on a completely transparent lens even when the sun is shining directly on the windshield. The brightness of the projection is adjusted automatically for you to comfortably see it in any visibility conditions.

Experience what a true head-up display is

HUDWAY Cast lens creates a virtual 20” image and focuses it 8 feet in front of you. This way, it's easier for your eyes to readjust the focus from the road back to navigation.

8 ft

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